Trip advisor and advertising and expenses we don’t need

There is currently a push by the brands to use Trip Advisor business listings.   I see they are even pushing in the U.K. as well.    Now I have never had any good experience with Trip Advisor business listings and I’ve actually given them a try at several different hotels because the Owner thought it would be a sure money make because the brand was pushing it.

Sometime owner have to learn the hard way that the brand does what is good for the brand and not necessarily what is good for your hotel.  But I digress.

Trip Advisor tells you that you need four months before it starts paying off for you.  Really! What is the booking window at your hotel I’ll bet it not four months out.

Do the exit guides coupon books take four months before they have an effect?  If they did I don’t think we would be using them.   But it not just Trip Advisor I got a call today from AT&T wanting me to renew an ad for the hotel.  I did not and of course the sales person could not believe it. The hotel has always had an ad.   Why is my question have your ever looked for a hotel in the yellow pages?

The same thing with the BBB, sure you get a sticker to display where a guest can see it. You pay over $400.00 for this window cling.  When the last time is the BBB sold a room for you or has any prospect ever asked you; are you a member of the BBB?  Most hotels never even get a complaint from the BBB let alone any business.

The typical business should spend 15 to 20 percent on advertising or 12% of last year’s revenue minus rent or mortgage.  Hotels are not typical business but we seem to be trying to treat them as if they are.   If you’re a Plumbing company or heating and air conditioning company I would check to see if you were a member of the BBB and I might check AT&T or the yellow pages for your company but not a hotel.

You might want to take a close look at some of the things you are paying for and ask yourself why what’s the return on this am I doing because we always have?

After all your not a Heating & Air Conditioning company are you?