Sales management should be outsourced.  Most hotels especially independent do not have formal sales programs in place.  By that I mean having all the tools needed   Professional sales scripts PDF’s.  A formal program where all contacts are recorded all e-mails sent are recorded and daily recap is sent to the manager and ownership.   Gorilla sales is usually only done half hartley if at all.  Even thou it is one of the best methods there is for producing room nights on a consist bases.   Sales needs to be micro-managed and the general manager is usually not in a position to do so concisely day in and day out.  Plus it puts some distance between the general manager and the sale person.  The sales person’s performance is being reviewed daily by someone not on property.


Most sales manager at hotels are really just order takers and usually when you don’t need order taking.  When there is a big event in town and everybody and his brother wants a room.  You don’t need someone who during these times usually wants to offer discounts and says I had all these people wanting rooms but you said no.


In fact I would venture most general managers and especially owner have no idea what their sale person is supposedly working on, and if you asked the sales person you would get vague answers with no decision dates no real data phone number e-mail address etc.


With a professional sales program management by an outside company your sales person is held accountable on a daily bases.   Instead of attending meeting held by this group or that group which very seldom produce any rooms.  They are hitting 10 to 15 accounts on a daily bases.  Seeds are planted and watered regularly and you know

When an account has truly been cultivated and not just happen stance.  Plus the data is

Kept for the hotel and should the sales person leave you still have a record of every phone call every e-mail sent you know what the conversations were and you get to keep all of the contact information.