How to Steal
From Your Competition!

A sales and marketing survival guide
The business model that teaches managers how to steal and get away with it.

In today’s slower economy, there are three
ways to improve profits:

  1. Find
    new things to sell. You can try to expand your markets by acquiring new
    products and services. If you have deep pockets and gambler’s instincts,
    this is the high-risk, high reward model. Exciting and challenging.
  2. If
    resources are tight, you can cut expenses to the bone, shrink down until
    better times. Sometimes this works, as you preserve cash. Other times,
    unfortunately, this may merely prolongs the inevitable in a slow and
    painful way.
  3. You can stop whining about the state of the economy and recognize that, even in the worst downturns, most companies and individuals are still buying and growing. In order to grow you business when the overall market is shrinking, start stealing from the competition.

How? Well, for starters, figure out WHO is staying
Where.  Get good valid contact
information so more dollars available to you, instead of standing by and
watching as your more aggressive competitors do it first.

Face it. The main reason for your shrinking
sales in a slowing economy is that your competitors are building their sales by
cutting into your turf.

The law of survival is that, when there is
less to eat, the more aggressive jungle animals take more from the weaker ones.
The choice is either to get mean, or get lean.

So, want to succeed, no matter what the
economy is doing? Get your mean act together. Here’s our outline to successfully
stealing from the competition. Follow this outline and you will be the one
saying that this is your best year ever:

So, how
you can increase sales at higher margins in a shrinking economy?

Recessionary strategy:

In spite of press reports, not everyone suffers from a worldwide economic

  • Many
    companies will thrive and will enjoy record sales and earnings.
  • Many
    more will see their stock reach new highs.
  • Many
    sales people will punch through last year’s “personal best” and
    will continue to live the good life.


What makes some companies
successful, while others not? This:

  • Knowledge.
  • Strategic
    marketing planning.
  • Program
    and execution.
  • Training.

This isn’t rocket science, but don’t be
afraid to get help if you need it
. Then use your industry knowledge to
partner with clients to establish and meet attainable goals. Create entire
sales and marketing programs and train your sales and marketing people to
thrive in hard times.

What you learn is not always new, but we find
that it is often reinterpreted in new ways, which is always profitable. Focus
on the key points for you to thrive while everyone around you is struggling
just to stay afloat.

Four keys
to technology selling success:

  1. Redefine
    complex technology. Make it simple so sales people can explain it to mom.
  2. Create
    structure for every sales call.
  3. Focus
    away from tech-speak and onto key fact-finding to better communicate and
    close more.
  4. Guide
    the sales process toward problem solving and away from classic feature
    wars, ending with greater customer benefits and, thus, higher dealer

Top 10
ways to teach your staff how to overrun the competition

  1. Make
    very sure you have a better trained sales army than they have at the
    competition. We use our own exclusive “Stealth Sales Training (c)
    program.” It doesn’t require us to take everyone out of the field to
    attend class.
    • If you don’t have a better trained army,
      competition will destroy you.
    • But, if you do, you will destroy them, which is
      always the more preferred choice.
  2. Make
    sure you only sell the most terrific products in your market segment.
    • If you don’t have the best product in your
      space, strategize to find a better product.
    • Or, if that isn’t an option, strategize to move
      you to a more appropriate market space. Either way, you win.
    • You do not always have the means to switch
      products mid-cycle, but it’s a rush to find out that changing the market
      focus often works better, faster and cheaper.
  3. Listen
    to your customers. You’ve heard it before, but it is still the best way to
    meet needs.
    • Sell what they need, not what you have.
    • Even when you have what they need, many sales
      people sell from the wrong prospective (It does this. It does that. It
      does this. It does that).
    • Teach your staff how to return to
      “empathy” and tell what the customer needs to hear.
    • Teach how to really find customer
      problems and then solve them.
  4. Find
    better, more aggressive sales people, or train existing ones to be more aggressive.
  5. Spend
    more time identifying prospects most likely to need what you have, before
    you make the sales call. This saves time that would usually be wasted and
    concentrates sales talent on more likely sales. We employ a unique
    copyrighted process called “Prospect Profiling, (c)” which
    identifies those prospects most likely to make our sales people
  6. Shorten
    your sales cycle by simplifying the sales proposal process
  7. Customize
    and then standardize your proposal into a generic template that is very
    customer-centric, yet quick and easy to prepare. This frees sales people
    for more time prospecting for opportunities.
  8. Teach
    your sales people how to work as a team and share successes (yes, and
    failures) effectively, to improve the “learning from mistakes”
    yield and shorten time-to-market of new training.
  9. Improve
    sales management’s ability to fill the prospect sales funnel by combining
    the best of traditional and non-traditional thinking.
  10. Practice
    “top down” aggressive management. Specialize in growing sales in
    shrinking markets by keeping the energy level very high at the highest
    levels of management. We never stop teaching how to aggressively improve
    share of the market by the process we call “steal from the

shortest guide to great web success

Here’s what works for our
clients and what doesn’t. We follow this simple guide so that your web site
will increase your business.

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success page

4 rules
to fast-track improve your marketing results

  1. Always
    have a written strategy, even if you often have to change it.
  2. Always
    has a marketing mission statement that every department can live with
    (otherwise you are just kidding yourself).
  3. For
    every product you sell, identify target markets where your product:
    • Provides exceptional value.
    • Is clearly superior.
    • Captures the imagination.
    • Establishes an emotional connection with the       customer.
  4. Remember,
    branding is never about the building. It’s always about the relationship