When I  review the sales notes of my DOS; I review overall content
and assess good or bad detail.  In reviewing this data I make sure to check the following questions:


How do track
content from report to report?
If your sales person calls one of my top
accounts (Daimler Chrysler) today and should call back in 3 weeks for proper
follow up how do you “connect the dots” and verify that this has indeed
happened? How do you review his/her efforts to see how frequently he/she is
contacting your top accounts?

If I find the effort is inconsistent. Some days your sales person is contacting 4 people,others 6 some 9 etc etc. Over time your sales person has to contact a MINIMUM of 10 customers per day IN AN ORGANIZED FASHION. Follow-up if the key to success. By now you have realized if I say I will call you/ contact you, you
receive a telephone call and / or e-mail, which has a direct impact on how you
think of me and whether or not you think I am organized – your clients do

If there is no indication of total dollar volume on accounts – if your sales person is not ascribing a dollar value to an account how is he/she going to manage his/her
schedule to concentrate on the accounts that produce the most business?

There are no decision dates anywhere??? Do I need to say any more with this?

When my DOS says they are doing blitz “Massive mailing to Motor coach Tour Groups” is it really impacting my hotel: “Will be contacting next week to see if they received my information” – if it’s “massive” then the follow up will be poor – even if your sales person called 400 motor coach groups in a week in and of itself it doesn’t achieve anything.  The effort must be measured and consistent to have an impact. NO EXCEPTIONS TO THIS RULE

How is my DOS spending there time? “Other Misc” it shows “spent time calling travel agencies this morning who currently use us” this sounds good and is, however
who SPECIFICALLY did your sales person call, when is your sales person going to
follow up, who are they going to follow up with and why are they following up? If
I cannot see this to understand there direction

Is my DOS giving me too little detail…just generic terms???
– “Mailings and In-side calls, lots of appts!!!” – Again nothing in this
is QUANTIFIABLE there is no way to measure or plan the attack for follow up.

There are
numerous references to “love the executive package”:
  Unfortunately I have never seen this line item on a P & L and if the customers love the package so much, how much business is it spinning off when and at what rate????


Overall you think you have a busy sales person who is doing
some of the right things but they are not organized which is the proverbial
“kiss of death” to sales effort everywhere.
The best way to impress a client is to follow through on commitments and
meet set deadlines – if I told you “I’ll call you tomorrow” and I call back 3
weeks later would we still be talking?


If you look at JYI & HHC we can verify this through the
ACT! Notes and you’ll see time stamps, pertinent content (decision date, hot
buttons, who the competition is, where else the customer is looking, what rates
they have paid, how much volume they have etc etc).  Cross reference that with the DWM and you’ll see HARD NUMBERS indicating what the DOLLAR VALUE OF THE BUSINESS IS.


From what we have seen with most sales people is that they
are not afraid of the phone, or dealing with clients: – they need direction and
to be held accountable.  Bottom line,
long on comments short (in fact non-existent) on specifics and showing what has


Using JYI & HHC format and tools I can tell you
conclusively within 14 days of being on site whether or not your sales person
should be replaced, trained or given fundamental guidance to maximize your
ROI/NOI of the project.


And that is what you should always be asking yourself when
it comes to your sales productivity.